1.  To connect to the ECS Wireless on your non-school issued laptop, click the Wireless Icon on the bottom right-hand side of the computer screen.  Click "ECS-Visitor", "Connect Automatically", and then "Connect" (as demonstrated below).




2.  It should automatically bring up a webpage asking you to fill out information.  If it doesn't, open your browser of choice and then try going to a new webpage.  It will then bring up the ECS Clearpass screen in the next step.


3.  Fill out the fields listed below.  If your device doesn't have a mobile carrier, just select any of the given options.  Once the fields are completed, click "Register".




4.  It will bring you up to a confirmation page, from there, click "Log In".




5.  You are now good to go.  After six hours it will require you to re-register the computer to the network.