If your stylus/pen stops working on the computer, there's a good chance it's because of one of the issues below.

1.  When the laptop is at about 15% battery charge, it will disable the stylus to save battery life.  Either charge the computer or plug it into power and see if the stylus starts working.

2.  The computer will have stylus issues if it's been left on for a really long time.  Restart the computer and see if that fixes the issue.

3.  The battery is upsidedown.  The positive "pointy side" of the battery (the one with the "+" plus symbol) needs to be facing the tip of the stylus.

So before you come down to the IT office saying your stylus is out of battery, try the solutions listed above and see if that resolves the issue.

If the computer is still having issues, come see IT Support in the library or email support at:  itsupport@eastsidecatholic.org

Thank you,